The Collective Failure Of Marriage & Divorce – With guest speaker Terri Breer

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict. It’s always more rewarding to restore a relationship than to run from it.”
Dorothy Thompson, American Journalist

Life can be a messy proposition. When relationships start unraveling and kids are involved, people need experts with the skills and knowledge to navigate through difficult life transitions. Join me, the MINDSET Doc, with Terri Breer, Attorney Mediator.

1. How is our culture contributing to the failure of the institution of marriage and bad divorce outcomes?
2. In what ways do family law attorneys, and their litigation training contribute to the failure and promote our adversarial culture?
3. What are some of the most destructive impacts on families that you see due to the adversarial culture?
4. Do you have any advice on how attorneys and mediators can work effectively and collaboratively with the mental health experts to remedy these outcomes?

Ms. Breer has authored several legal articles including: • “Treating the Divorce Client – a Dual Approach to Marital Dissolutions” Orange County Lawyer, June 1995 • “Has the Family Law System Reached a Tipping Point?” Orange County Lawyer, March 2009 • “Family Law Mediation – Expanding the Frontiers of Alternative Dispute Resolution” Special Feature, Orange County Lawyer, January 2010

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