“The Consciousness of Inclusion & Seeing Uniqueness” – with Storyteller Loree Cowling

Join Dr. D and Loree Cowling as they explore how today’s social and economic environment has created a consistent flow of conversation around what it means to be “Unique.”

Listen and learn how YOU can be inspired by recognizing ourselves and our unique qualities, personalities, and talents. Find out what stops us from celebrating ourselves. Here are key points covered by Loree and Dr. D:

#1 How SEEing Wrongness Limits our Ability to Build Successful Connections
#2 The Power of Curiosity
#3 The Impact of Celebrating the Uniqueness we are Meant to be
#4 How we Show Up Altered & Enhanced in Our Connections
#5 The Evidence we Build Defines the Connections we Create
#6 Recognizing Miracles as a Everyday Mindset

The Value of the connection to one’s inner truth can only be measured within one’s own heart. Loree is a Speaker, Storyteller, Coach, Intuitive Healer, and a Writer who helps people Connect to Their Hearts. She holds an unwavering belief that changes in perception occur when we engage our knowledge, beliefs, and experiences alongside the wisdom of a compassionate heart.

The most important part of her life is standing beside and celebrating her amazing daughter Sydney who shines her light in this world as an individual with Down Syndrome.

Sydney, herself, is an award winning young woman whose approach to life creates the foundation for the SEE Uniqueness organization. Together they have launched the Sydney’s Million campaign inviting 1 Million people to celebrate and share their Uniqueness and in 2019 released their first book in the Miracles & Mud Puddles series for children.

Loree’s CD, The Connection to Heart Meditation, is available to purchase here: http://loreecowling.com/product/meditation-cd/.

You can contact Loree directly here: Loree@loreecowling.com also visit YouTube for her “SEE Uniqueness” video! https://youtu.be/u5YEKfGMAKQ