The Divorce Makeover, Part I – With guest speaker Christine Ristuccia

After a seven-year high-conflict divorce process, Christine Ristuccia decided to create a course that examines current negative beliefs, which she learned kept the divorce process alive. She discovered the truth of the old adage: it takes two to tango. Both parties to the divorce have responsibility for conflict, which arises from and is exacerbated by their negative beliefs. The course teaches you to observe yourself and your beliefs so you can adjust your responses to your ex-spouse, set healthy boundaries, and recognize and disengage from conflicted interactions. These new behaviors can shift your role to that of a professional, fact-based, and effective problem-solver.

In addition to creating an on-line Divorce Makeover course as a result of her experiences, today Christine is a high-conflict trainer certified through the High Conflict Diversion by Brook Olsen in San Diego, California. She also has taken courses by Avatar and Amanda Frances working on Limiting Belief Management. She is a yoga instructor certified in Kundalini, Anasara, and basic 200-hour teacher training. She currently teaches yoga and has worked at a variety of yoga studios including Yoga Six in Carlsbad, CA.