The Overwhelmed Era Of Today’s Working Mother – with guest speaker Dr. Sarah Ray

Women are WARRIORS in the workforce and are often carrying the load of career, home, and children. Working moms need to have support through this beautiful but overwhelming time. Dr. Sarah Ray joins the MINDSET Doc Debra Dupree to understand and explore the overwhelm that today’s working mother faces. Here’s what you will gain:
1. Welch’s found that working mothers clock in an average of 98 hours of work per week with only around 1 hour per day of free time (2017). How do modern mothers sustain the physical, emotional and mental
demands of juggling career and family?
2. What are the consequences of this juggle and how are women coping with them?
3. How is this impacting health, mental health, marriage, and
the development of children?
4. What about the dads? How has fatherhood changed in light of
working moms? What is the new and emerging role of modern day fathers?
5. How can we support both moms and dads of dual earning homes?

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