The Science Of Persuasion For Influence In Mediation – with guest speaker Harold Coleman, Esq.

Because all conflict resolution involves people responsible for negotiations, problem solving and decision-making, mediation dynamics tend to involve equal parts of both “people and prob-lem.” Ignoring the people and only focusing on “the problem” most assuredly works to the det-riment of the parties and the process.

This keynote builds on the foundation established at the 2016 Institute presentation of Ava Ar-bamowitz on the many parallels between effective sales technique and mediation strategy. Now, our presenters apply the research of social psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini on the “Science of Persuasion” and allow participants to expand their toolbox of mediation practice skills beyond mere content knowledge (“law and facts”)/subject matter focus and into the deeper aspects of persuasion and human behavior…the veritable epicenters on which all decision making and mediated problem solving occur. Participants will discover the “6 Universal Principles of Persuasion” and begin the process of thinking much more adroitly about the intersection of psychology and mediation strategy when planning for and executing the most productive mediation experience for all concerned…parties, participants, representatives, and mediators alike!