The Silver Bullet with Neil Gordon

They say that it was only the silver bullet that could kill the werewolf.

And in today’s noisy world of fear and uncertainty, it is only the most powerful content that will ensure that you cut through that noise and start a movement.

Whether doing elevator pitches, virtual presentations, live presentations, articles, or media appearances, having that essential, silver-bullet like statement earns you more no matter what.

Turn your expertise into a movement!

Neil Gordon, coach to some famous TEDX speakers, was a delight to have on MINDSET Mondays with me, Dr. D, the MINDSET Doc. There are five public speaker types…which one are you? Take his speaker quiz here:

Are you ready to shift your mindset? Here are three easy steps to take…check it out here:

Come join me for a journey…leverage your mindset for AGILE living!

Dr. D