Thrive This Time, No Matter What – With guest speaker Shawn Mahshie

Shawn’s seemingly idyllic life crashed under the weight of chronic illness/pain, relationship/food addiction, and severe co-dependence and divorce. Thanks to her happy emergence via deep self-inquiry, she is now creating a body of work around the ‘the Symmetry of Self-Love’ that altered her (and now her clients’) relationships, health, and business success.

Join Dr. D and Shawn Mahshie discuss a model for reliable resilience which Shawn refers to as UN*Conditional THRIVING.
This includes a sense of UN*Conditional Safety and UN*Conditional Prosperity, all based on the SCIENCE of UN*Conditional Connection to self, others, and life that makes it all work.

Shawn’s Gift to you!

The most popular of Shawn’s Happiness Hacks, the concept of this wheel of self-love, and the idea that we can truly overcome regret, guilt, self-doubt, and indecision is radical!

3 simple steps to turn your inner critic into the champion of your happiness…download the FREE E-book Wheel of Self-Love here: