Transformational Leadership Coaching – With guest speaker Janine Elias

Janine Elias is the founder and President of Elias University. She has specialized in transformational leadership and developing meaningful relationships to support organizational effectiveness for more than 30 years. Elias provides a unique focus on senior level leadership by merging transformational leadership with formal coach training to support the development of a culture of Knowledge Workers. With an emphasis of using executive coaching to support leaders developing emerging leaders, she created a University that provides high quality education and professional training that is academically rigorous, steeped within real-world applications that cultivates principle-centered transformational leaders.

Elias was one of the first Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the United States. She is a professional certified coach with 17+ years experiences and over 200 hours of formal International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coach specific training. She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and has over 3,500+ hours of coaching clients; business, individual, and groups.

In 2014 Elias wrote Kill Robin Hood: the surprising truth of what it really takes to get rich!

So listen in as Dr. D uncovers Janine’s unique take on today’s leaders and what it means for YOUR success!