Transforming Conflict & Estrangment Into Gold – With guest speaker Shawn Mahshie

The “Families In Trouble” Podcast is designed to provide support for people in all walks of life, across the world, struggling with a difficult separation | divorce.

The MINDSET Doc, Dr. D, is pleased to announce Guest Speaker Shawn Mahshie who comes with a legacy of her own for personal transformation and how she is shaping the lives of thousands worldwide.

Her teachings about the Law of Happy Symmetry have helped thousands globally to master the science of “USING whatever upsets us” as an absolutely reliable path to peace, freedom, and unconditional love. Warmly accessible, open about her own awakening process, and tenacious in her focus on “each finding our own innocence,”

Mahshie’s work invites her readers, live audiences, and private clients into a sweet sense of self-responsibility that efficiently transforms anxiety, anger, and self/other-criticism into curious compassionate self-care, connection, and clarity.

Join Dr. D and Shawn Mahshie: A facilitator of ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ and currently creating ‘The Center for UN*Conditional Connection’ focus on transforming family conflict and estrangement into GOLD!

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Dr. D

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