Vibrational Intelligence With Gary Malkin and the MINDSET Doc

Composer and Emmy Winner Gary Malkin joins Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc to explore the world of music and harnessing its vibrational resonance to appeal to our inner self.

After an extensive career scoring film, television and commercials for over twenty years, Gary shifted his focus to creating music for wellness and personal development through “alchemical wisdom”, a genre that sets spoken wisdom to original music that enables us to listen to life-changing wisdom with our hearts and minds.

Gary created the soundtrack for the groundbreaking documentary, Thrive, seen by 80 million people in 27 languages.

He is currently creating the soundtrack for the sequel, Thrive II, to be released late Summer, 2020. He’s also known for his dedication to the Pachamama Alliance, scoring their globally celebrated Awakening the Dreamer Symposium since its inception. His work supporting healthcare providers is extensive, with his Care for the Journey project (co-created with Stillwater) as well as the new groundbreaking app,

Here’s what they explore in this dynamic exchange:

1) You’ve been creating music all your life. What have you learned about how music can enhance your effectiveness and quality of life?
2) What is Awareness Fragmentation Disorder and why is it important to understand?
3) How can the integration of music in your life alleviate this common condition?
4) What is “heart-centered mindfulness” and how does it distinguish itself from the current mindfulness movement that’s been taking the world by storm?
5) What is “Quantum Sensory Learning” and what role does music play in this integrative form of personal development?
6) How can music play a role in deepening my capacity for gratitude and my ability to improve the relationships with those I care about most?

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