Wake up to the truth of Who You Are – with guest speaker Deidre Sirianni

Join Dr. D, The Mindset Doc, as she explores with Deidre Sirianni on how to “wake up to the truth of who you are.” Deidre is a speaker, international transformational retreat facilitator, and activator for truth, human awakening and global impact entrepreneurship.

Deidre is an Accelerated Evolution Guide who believes the foundation of everything comes down to living in alignment with your purpose and truth. Her work dissolves the illusions that are pulling you out of alignment with your higher purpose and from living it fully. Her mission is to wake as many people up in her life to the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be. People who know and work with Deidre describe her as powerful, intense, compassionate, bold, playful, and an accelerator for your evolution!

Here’s what you’ll uncover as you listen to “Wake Up To The Truth Of Who You Are, And Who You Are Meant To Be.”

1) What are symptoms of being out of alignment with one’s true self?
2) What do are the biggest mistakes people make that keep them from breaking free from their patterns?
3) What are the costs associated with not breaking free, particularly for leaders?
4) What are the triggers and traumas that people experience and what can they do about it?

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world? The Universe will give you 100%, when you give you 100%.

Download Deidre’s Worksheet for “Radically Aligned Life Assessment” here: www.radicallyaligned.com. This helps listeners see what’s in the way of them having a life and business they’ve always wanted and illuminates their belief systems, patterns, and distractions that pull them out of alignment with living in their truth and highest expression of self. In order to change the world, you need to first work on yourself