What do Others Know About You and You Don’t! The Power of DISC – with guest speaker Sandra Davis

Your DISC behavioral style is how you DO things – those behavioral habits you do automatically – without thinking. And they are observable by others. But if you think about the people you really admire, you’ll find that what makes someone popular, successful, and self-confident are the qualities they are BEING, or put another way the character virtues they are using such as assertiveness, friendliness, patience or diligence. Initially, these qualities come from what you are taught as your family values and what defines the culture you belong to.

However in every culture there are universal Character Virtues that everyone has the capacity to develop and use, not matter what DISC style they are using.

1. How do we develop character virtues within ourselves and within others?
2. If we want to shift our DISC style how do we do this using Character Virtues?
3. What in your opinion are the main character virtues to practice and develop?

Host Dr. Debra Dupree, Author of Leading Consciously Now speaks with People Smart Executive Sandra Davis who is an expert facilitator, coach, instructional design and curriculum developer and consultant who lives in Auckland New Zealand.

Her business partner Carol Dysart joined us as a surprise…together they have created an online easy-to-understand DISC Certification training called the PeopleSmart Interpretation Method ™.

Sandra is also the instructional designer of the DISCovering Me™ Program for Youth and is passionate about teaching educators how to developing Character Virtues and empower young adults to lead happy and enriched lives. She facilitates and trains others to deliver these programs that includes online assessments and educator training materials and resources.