The Multiple Paths to Resolving Workplace Disputes with Kristin Rizzo

In celebration of Mediation Week starting October 19, Attorney-Mediator Kristin Rizzo joins Dr. D on MINDSET Mondays to explore workplace disputes and resolutions that range from micro-aggressions to unconscious and/or subconscious biases. Workplace cultures can either foster (non-retaliatory) or hinder (retaliatory) reporting and investigating concerns | complaints.

Kristin’s brings to the table some fascinating topics…
1) Are you a Bystander or an Upstander?
2)What are the options for dispute resolution from a continuum perspective?
3) How an open mindset and communication are critical at every stage of the process to uncover underlying, sometimes hidden, contributors to conflict.
4) What are the benefits of the “mediation” approach? What else might be involved.

Kristin is a power-house of knowledge and experience as a full-time legal neutral. She is the Owner/Founder of Rizzo Resolution and
specializes in employment neutral services, including mediation and independent workplace investigation.

As an employment attorney who spent years specializing in the strategic representation of employees and businesses in a wide range of employment law and civil litigation matters, Kristin understands
both employee and management perspectives, and offers a specialized approach to the work she performs.

Having helped many people and companies in workplace disputes, Kristin supports the goal of others seeking to resolve disputes efficiently and productively providing answers to people and companies by finding and delivering facts underlying workplace conflict.

Kristin has been recognized as a San Diego Super Lawyer in Employment Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and by the San Diego Metro Magazine as a top leader under 40.

Kristin values service to the San Diego community and volunteering her time to helping others thrive. She served as the President of the San Diego County Bar Association, a multi-million-dollar organization representing approximately 10,000 attorneys and legal community members; and she currently sits on the University of San Diego School of Law’s Board of Visitors and is a Commissioner on the San Diego City’s Human Relations Commission.

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