Stop Running from Conflict and Learn How to Address It!

MANAGER MOJO PODCAST with Steve Caldwell
Click here to listen to Podcast:  Running from Conflict by Dr. Debra Dupree.

When a diverse group of people work together daily, it is no surprise that conflict can arise. Trying to downplay the importance and viewing the reason for the conflict as ‘petty’ is never a good alternative to creating a productive and positive workplace. We each have our opinions and points of view. It is when we consider ours right and the others wrong (or ‘crazy, stupid or unimportant’) that conflict can occur, fester and create significant issues. Dr. Debra Dupree is an acknowledged mediator in the area of conflict and has successfully intervened and brought resolution to situations that were growing out of control and impossible. Every manager and leader must be willing to address issues of conflict head-on and seek amenable resolutions. Dr. Dupree can get you on that road.

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