UNCOVERED! Success Redefined: When Wants Become Needs

What is your relationship with money?  How do you define success?  What is your purpose in life?

Speaker and Author Larry Kesslin took the journey of his life and it was a game changer for how he thought and how he lived.  Whether it was watching the joy of youth as he taught kids how to ski or traveling to far reaches of Africa where abundance was not evident, Larry realized that his definition of success was not making him happy.

Together we explored in UNCOVERED…provocative topics for today’s business world…the impact of how business has operated for the last 30 years and the toll it’s taken on the people.  We talked of rising claims, the impersonalization of workplace relations, and how we’ve lost our way.

For Larry, it took a journey abroad before he realized that success was really about doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it…it wasn’t about the job, the company, the house or the location much less the paycheck.

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