Three Ways to be the Smartest, Most Respected Leader

As a corporate trainer and workplace mediator, these findings intrigued me. If two simple things like this were the most important to employees, what were managers and leaders doing, or not doing? What was getting in the way of employees being more productive, being satisfied at work, and growing the bottom line? Take a walk with the 3-D Experience to create solutions to strengthen performance and increase profitability by reducing conflict.

Ten Steps to Leadership Excellence

March 11-12, 2015:  Two days with the United States Marine Corps Logistic Base (MCLB), Barstow, CA and Dr. Debra Dupree, sponsored by SKILLPATH Corporate Strategies. A good leader is the lifeblood of any organization. Under his or her direction, your team knows where it’s headed, understands what’s expected and [Read more . . .]