Gustavo De La Fuente

I’ve known Dr. Dupree for a number of years.  I had the privilege of listening to her presentation “Using Emotional Intelligence to Increase Earning Potential”.  I found the topic intriguing, particularly since Emotional Intelligence is often discussed as an individual trait, not as an attribute to increase company revenue.  One of the topics she addressed was having a better understanding of our emotions so that we are better equipped to create an emotionally intelligent workspace or team.  Our ability to see emotions, interests and motives in ourselves in order to manage a constructive interaction with others is of paramount importance.  Dr. Dupree also offered a comprehensive approach: she quoted relevant research, statistics and case studies to showcase the impact that EI has on people and companies.  Her many years’ experience in the arenas of leadership and mediation make her a credible professional.  I highly recommend her expertise to business owners and executives.