The Agile Mindset – Why is it worth training your mind?

What does AGILE mean?

Many of us have a love of sports of one kind or another: whether it be soccer, football, golf, baseball, tennis, swimming, surfing…whatever! You get my drift.

Whatever your “sport” is, it takes agility to be successful, right?

It takes practice, skill and mindset.

I’ve always been athletic to a certain degree. Back in the day when I was in high school, we didn’t have “girls” sports, just P.E. Yet, I realized I had a competitive nature when it came to playing whatever sport I could. And, I was pretty good.

So, what were my options? Back then, just the dance drill team, marching band, cheerleading, and the speech team. I loved the precision, the movement, the scripting, the athleticism, the timing, the ability to engage with the audience, and most importantly - being agile.

But I didn’t stop there. I started running just like the boys did for their respective sports workouts. People (back in the day) thought I was nuts. Why was I “running” when there was no girls running team.

Something told me that good physical health led to good mental health. I felt a strength and confidence from getting my body to move and my mind felt better for it. Running created an outlet to let my mind roam, think and feel something that’s carried me through adulthood even during the most difficult times.

What I’ve learned through the years of studying human behavioral psychology is that our brain is really not any different than our body. The Mind-Body Connection is REAL and responds accordingly.

And, this has nothing to do with how intelligent we are (either naturally) or what is learned (like law school or getting a doctorate degree in psychology).

When it comes to agility, it shows up in all kinds of sports – tennis, golf, archery, swimming, diving and many more. The beauty is not just the agility of the body but the agility of the mind. The ability to coordinate skill, focus, positioning, timing, practice and the ability to read the other player’s movements.

We often direct our attention to working out the body (or not) yet seldom do we look at exercising the mind. I’m intelligent, I’m educated, I’m an attorney, a doctor, an engineer, or whatever - why do I need to exercise the mind? I know everything! NOT!

Exercising the mind is how we pivot to unexpected change, to think outside the box, to see new possibilities not realized before. Otherwise, we stay stuck in a box of limited perspective and keep seeing things the same way over and over again!

Bottom line: relationships (at work and at home) will be much richer, clients will feel more satisfied (and so will you), and your profitability will increase (both financially and in personal satisfaction and wellness).

What do you have to lose?

Let’s get started with three simple steps to Mindset Shift - take a journey with me, the Mindset Doc. I’ve got your back! And, I guarantee it!

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