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Stress-Free Legal Solutions For Lawyers!

What a concept! But do stress-free solutions really exist – for any of us? Have you felt the overwhelm of being stretched (or even depleted) financially, emotionally, and physically, leaving you strained and drained?

Well, Gary Miles with over 40 years of legal experience, says YES, we can create stress-free (at least less stressful) solutions. He has a deep-seated passion for helping people solve their stress-inducing problems and freeing them from captivity. He empowers people to make positive changes in their lives through self-reflection, self-growth, leading to improved relationships all around.

Gary's Journey To Freedom

Gary has a powerful story to tell. He believes that his life’s challenges led him to finding a solution and living a life of freedom, one day at a time. Due to our shared passion for working with lawyers and mediators, often struggling with unhappiness in their work, created the opportunity to hear his inspiring story and bring it to you online.

“I think God placed enough circumstances in my life that I needed to find a solution, and I didn’t know what the solution was. But I found it, and now I’m able to live a life free one day at a time.”

Many lawyers grapple today with high levels of stress and burnout. Gary offers practical and tangible solutions to help his clients overcome these challenges and achieve success and fulfillment. His mission is for his clients to be their best selves.

Whatever our walk in life might be, it’s imperative to uncover what’s behind people’s choices, particularly when in conflict. For the ‘Litigation Advocate’ or the ‘Mediation Advocate,’ it’s about implementing strategies to uncover the underlying issues that drive human behavior and decision-making, facilitating the right direction, not the wrong direction.

While we as DR Professionals actively work with people in conflict to reveal what’s important to them in resolving conflict and reaching agreement, it’s just as important to understand where the advocates, representing clients in the mediation process, are coming from and what drives their choices. By paying attention to where and how the advocates are impacted, DR professionals facilitating the process can gain insight as to the true source of conflict, perhaps not between the parties but rather within the advocates themselves.

Healthy Transformation: A Role Model for Positive Change

Gary demonstrates that a troubled life can successfully transition to a healthier life. He serves as a role model for how it can be done, serving as the trail blazer and making the pathway simpler (but not always easier) in making positive change. He truly has “been there, done that” and knows what it takes to achieve a redirection in life.

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Mindfulness in DR Professionals

Mindfulness plays a crucial role in the work of DR professionals. Former DCM guest Henry Yampolsky once said, “Mindfulness is not just about feeling good, it’s about getting better at sensing where others are coming from.” Gary’s message offers valuable insights on how to broaden those ‘sensing’ skills to expand our awareness and ability to be in tune with others.

Wellness and Sobriety: Gary's Passion

Gary has seen the toll that ‘lawyering’ can take on people of all ages. For this reason, he has a special passion for wellness, health, and happiness, and what it takes to help others achieve their goal of sobriety, or whatever the addiction might be that turns focus outward rather than inward to self-happiness. He celebrates his own journey of recovery every day and passes it on to inspire others.

Click here to hear what Gary shares from his journey to better, healthier living and what it means for today’s professional, particularly the litigating lawyer. Is this you?

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