The Science of Compassion

The Science of Compassion – How You Show Up Matters

Do you know that 70% of all people who seek medical attention for headaches find out there's no organic reason? It’s simply stress!

Do you know that a recent study found that 40% of the workforce is on some type of medication for anxiety or depression?

Why is it that this country, consuming 25% of the world’s resources, faces an epidemic of loneliness, anxiety and impoverishment of connection that comes not out of economic loss but from a loss of compassion?

When we shift our mindset around compassion, what happens inside of us shifts. Showing warm-heartedness (coined by the Dalai Lama) reduces blood pressure, stress, and anxiety while improving health. When we lack compassion, our vulnerability to disease and death increases…even greater than if we smoked, were overweight or lacked physical activity. Instead, a show of compassion leads to faster recovery from disease, a longer life, greater happiness, and well-being.

Your Presence matters!

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