“Families in Trouble”

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Debra Dupree
The MindSet Doc

“FAMILIES IN TROUBLE” (FIT) Interview Preparation

The FIT Podcast is designed to provide support for people in all walks of life, across the world, struggling with a difficult separation | divorce. We bring together Subject Matter Experts (SME), oftentimes, people who have been there, done that, and decided to take a different approach to grow and heal. You can do it too! So, let’s connect, listen AND engage in important topics to expand your knowledge, perspective and insight on how to live your life fully in the aftermath of separation and divorce to heal ourselves and our children for healthier relationships moving forward!

This show is intended to deliver from both a female and a male perspective about how families are impacted in moving ahead and making a difference in the worlds they influence!

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This Podcast series revolves around four topics.

  • Preparing for Divorce
  • The Children & Parenting Plans
  • Mediation vs. Litigation options
  • When High Conflict emerges

Learn how to change the course and navigate towards healthier options. We are excited to have you as part of our FIT community!

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Complete the GUEST SPEAKER Profile as soon as possible but not later than 2 weeks prior to your interview so we can best support you before, during and after the interview.

This will be an awesome journey and we are excited to have you as part of our LCN community!