UNCOVERED! Leading with Power

Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer joined me on “UNCOVERED” to uncover her experiences over the past twelve years in working with over 2,530 leaders throughout the United States. Through her LEADING WITH POWER approach, she provides leadership training and coaching services that focused on leaders understanding and applying leadership strategies to improve their POWER as a leader.

The POWER comes from becoming a Self-Aware, Intentional, and Mindful Leader. This leadership coaching involves leaders in Collaborative Conversational Coaching Workshops that includes three powerful keys:

1) The POWER of Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

2) The POWER of Creating a Collaborative and Cohesive Team

3) The POWER of Leading by Managing the Effect of Change

All these leadership workshops are all aimed at helping leaders understand how to plan for their leadership in order to successfully work collaboratively with the people they lead when implementing change initiatives in their business and personal lives.

About Dr. Sawyer

Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer was an educator for 33 years, serving as a principal the last. JJ now continues to impact the field as a teacher of leaders. She lives in San Diego and is a Learning Crest Associate, facilitating trainings for school leadership teams, principals, and teacher leaders using the research-based approaches developed by Dr. Roger Goddard and Greg Cameron, bringing her own experiences and approaches to the work.  You can learn more about JJ at www.learningcrest.org.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash.com.

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