UNCOVERED! Leaving Anxiety in the Dust

Why are so many men experiencing anxiety? How do you know if a man, say a colleague, boss, or partner, is getting freaked out? What are the tell-tale signs of stress, anxiety or tension we should be looking out for? What would you say is the biggest challenge for a woman if her man is experiencing anxiety? How do you support someone with anxiety?

Listen and learn as Men’s Anxiety Expert, Linda Wells, joins Dr. Debra Dupree on UNCOVERED. . . a podcast with provocative topics to help us master relationships!

About Linda Wells

Linda is highly sought after as a men’s anxiety expert in the business community. She is well known for teaching men in business how to reduce stress and increase enjoyment without losing their desire to succeed.

As a passionate and experienced motivational speaker, Linda focuses on issues surrounding leadership, business and well-being.

Linda is a Progressive Thought Field Therapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. She is a Certified Business Communications | Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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