UNCOVERED! Victims, Villains, and Heroes with Don Phin

Listen and learn as we UNCOVER How Don spent years representing workplace victims against their villainous bosses.

Attorney Don Phin tells a compelling story when it comes to the dramas and traumas experienced at work through the lives of many clients. He talks about the angst of being the Victim, the Villain and the Hero. He shares how those years of litigation experience impacted his life as well as the lives of his family members, friends and clients.

What next do you need to learn, experience, and manifest to take the next step in developing further—personally or professionally or both?

About Don Phin

Don is a national workshop leader and consultant, as well as president of the Employer Advisors Network, Inc. He designed the HR That Works series of personnel management and compliance products and is the author of numerous books and articles, including LAWSUIT FREE! How to Prevent Employee Lawsuits and Building Powerful Employment Relationships! Don believes compliance struggles simply mirror the difficulty we have in establishing any relationship, including the one with ourselves.
Don spent years representing workplace victims against their villainous bosses (at least that’s what he thought he was doing). Older and wiser, Don now focuses on eliminating unwanted drama from the workplace. His books and materials have helped thousands of business owners, managers and employees prevent destructive employee lawsuits while building powerful relationships and growing the bottom-line.
For more Don Phin, visit www.donphin.com.

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