Executive Leadership Support Forum San Diego - November 7 & 8, Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Bayside

Executive Leadership Support Forum

The 2018 Executive Leadership Support Forum: San Diego will be held at Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Bayside on November 7th and 8th.

The upcoming Executive Leadership Support Forum strives to improve the profile and professional lives of executive assistants by creating an educational outlet that inspires growth, collaboration, and community.

In a Harvard Business Review article, Melba Duncan, CEO at the Duncan Group, states that executive assistants “can drastically improve the productivity of an executive and of the organization as a whole.” Learning how to manage one’s manager is key to anticipating needs and establishing open lines of communication. When executive assistants assert themselves as reliable business partners, leaders have an opportunity to delegate additional responsibilities and drive the business forward at a faster pace.

Given this, there has never been a better time to be an executive assistant (EA) than right now. There has also never been a more complicated time to work as an EA than right now. Today’s executive assistants are called to lead, think, and act strategically and by educating themselves about the business, EAs can become key stakeholders within an organization.

Dr. Debra Dupree, President & Workforce Management Consultant, Relationships at Work, Inc. is one of the educators and executive assistant contributors in this widely resourceful event. Dr. Dupree is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. Her career includes several teaching stints over the last 20 years.  Known as an expert in corporate communication, workplace conflict, and “Emotional Intelligence,” her training sessions provide immediate takeaways to put into action. She is the author of “The Psychology of Good Bosses vs. Bad Bosses” and “Unlocking the Keys to Happiness: Discovering Your Emotional Potential.”

About the Forum

The Executive Leadership Support Forum Series is a two-day professional development course that covers a wide range of challenges faced by executive assistants supporting North America’s most prominent executives. With forums held in major cities across the continent, executive assistants are provided with a uniquely elevated educational and networking opportunity led by expert instructors and regional peers. Inspired by university programs, the robust curriculum takes an MBA approach. Each session is formatted to hone leadership development and project management skills with an ultimate goal of increasing the productivity and profile of the executive leadership support role.

Click Forum Website to visit the forum website or Agenda to see a PDF with agenda and further details.

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