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Like so many, we have emotional pains from our past…the loss of loved ones, chaotic and unpredictable home lives, even neglect or abuse from our loved ones.  These kinds of traumas tend to carry over and create drama in our adult lives, undermining our confidence, creating a fear of rejection, and suffocating our true potential for success and happiness.  This can affect how we lead and manage, how we persuade and influence others, or how we respond to one another.  Sometimes this happens in ways we’re not even aware.

Book Cover by Dr. Debra DupreeWith over 30 years of experience in the psychology of people and performance, I’ve found thousands of people just like you…stuck in the past in ways that get in the way of their success at work and at home.   

If you’re someone like this…unable to move on in life, expand your career, increase your earning potential or just be happy in your relationships, then discover how to recover from the drama and trauma from the past.  Learn ways to uncover the natural happiness that lies within.   REACH!

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People from companies like Language Defense Institute, Heineken, Blue Shield, Stanford, Oracle and QUALCOMM have tasted the energy, vision, passion, and happiness available through my coaching, training and mediation services.  Why don’t you?

When the pain is too great, it’s never too late to make a choice to do something different…call me!

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COACHING Performance

Personal Branding - Business Heashots by TRUE BLUE Portrait. Leadership Coaching at Every Level

Do you know the impact you have on others?  Are you achieving the results you want to achieve?  Are you earning what you are really worth?  Are you living the life you want to live?  Coaching paves the way to powerful performance while improving the bottom line.


Leadership Coaching Mediating Business, Family and Relationship Disputes

Personality clashes are the #1 cause of conflicts at work. And, mismanaged conflict is the #1 reason why good people leave good organizations. Manage conflict to thrive, not just survive.  Mediation…the world’s best kept secret!


Keynote Speaker for Honor Flight

Honor Flight Annual Summit, Baltimore, MD

Strengthen performance, hold people accountable and increase profitability while building unbelievable leaders at every level.  Contact me now to be your next Keynote Speaker!

Vistage Speaker

Dr. Debra Dupree recognized by San Diego Business Journal as one of the top Women in Business and NEWSWEEK magazine as one of the Top Psychotherapists in San Diego.

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