With Dr. Debra Dupree

The SPICE Game

Diving deeper into how we communicate…

Where and how YOU show up MATTERS!

What’s the SPICE Game?

No matter who we are, where we are in the world regardless our cultural background, age, or gender, there are four primary communication styles that drive human behavior.

There are many influences from many factors that shape who we are and how we show up: cultural, regional, historical, religious, educational, early childhood, work experiences, job titles and, let's not forget, gender differences.

We are all part of the human race. The first distinguishing feature is whether or not we are male or female. The next way to differentiate our similarities and differences is through these 4 communication styles. We all have some of each in the mix of who we are.

When we understand the basics of communication styles that drive our differences, we can move away from the blame and shame, the drama in relationships, and the disdain and disrespect that tend to erupt around these differences. We can stop the finger-pointing and the shut-down in communications that so often happens in damaged relationships…whether at work or at home.

Instead, we can connect, listen and engage with an understanding of these different styles (only 4, not many) and manage our relationships with others more effectively.Simplifying the framework understanding these four styles, help us grow in leaps and bounds in what we know about ourselves and what we learn about others.

It’s much like cooking! That’s why I call it the SPICE Game. The flavor and richness in the food we eat are brought out by how spices come together…or not! Human behavior is very similar…some spices (styles) come together and create savory relationships while others simply collide in conflict. Like cooking, knowing what works together and being creative makes all the difference!

So, let’s start cooking and dive deeper into the world of human spices!

Getting Started: To successfully complete this simple exercise, your job is to go through 4 columns of words associated with each SPICE. Be honest with yourself and check off each box next to the words that BEST describe YOU.

The highest score represents your PRIMARY Spice Style. The second highest score represents your SECONDARY Spice Style. Now keep in mind that everyone has a little bit of each SPICE style. The strength of your scores shows you how much you have! Click SUBMIT and you’ll have immediate results.

Style: Garlic
(Conscientious, Process-oriented)

Style: Parsley
(Dominant, Action-oriented)

Style: Ginger
(Steadiness, Idea-oriented)

Style: Pepper
(Influencing, Expressive-oriented)





Your Primary Communication Style is :
Your Secondary Communication Style is :