The Spice Game – Communication Styles

What’s The SPICE Game?

No matter who we are, where we are in the world, there are four primary communication styles that drive human behavior.

And they are very similar to cooking! That’s why I call it The Spice Game. The flavor and richness in the food we eat are brought out by how spices come together…or not! Like cooking, knowing what works together and being creative makes all the difference!

Getting Started: To successfully complete this simple exercise, your job is to go through 4 columns of words associated with each spice. Be honest with yourself and check off each box next to the words that best describe you. Then click Submit and you’ll have immediate results.

The highest score represents your primary Spice Style. The second highest score represents your secondary Spice Style. Now keep in mind that everyone has a little bit of each spice style. The strength of your scores shows you how much you have!

Style: Garlic
(Conscientious, Process-oriented)

Style: Parsley
(Dominant, Action-oriented)

Style: Ginger
(Steadiness, Idea-oriented)

Style: Pepper
(Influencing, Expressive-oriented)





Your Primary Communication Style is :
Your Secondary Communication Style is :

When you're done