The Virtual Mediator Session

The Virtual Mediator Series

2 one-hour sessions to boost your virtual lawyering and mediating skills!

Be agile, leverage your virtual office!

Making the transition to a virtual world from the transitional world of lawyering and mediating is a shift...often a HUGE shift. I am here to support you in this process!

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“As we’ve moved to virtual work, we haven’t just coped, we’ve actually thrived. We are more focused on the things that have the greatest impact for our customers, associates and the business. We are making quicker decisions and acting. Meetings are now more inclusive of people regardless of location, level or other differences. We have great momentum and need to figure out how to carry it forward.” 

- Suresh Kumar, CTO at Walmart

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It's much more than a Zoom tutorial.

When working with me for two one-hour sessions, you gain new frameworks for thinking and doing in the virtual world and how you show up with your mediation clients:

1) Master the basics of ZOOM as your virtual platform. All the tips and tricks at your disposal.

2) Embrace the Art of Appreciative Inquiry to build rapport and trust in you and mediation. 

3) How to Avoid Negative, Unconscious Bias in decision-making. 

Schedule now your 2 sessions for Agile Lawyering and Mediation in the Virtual world!