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We all have a story.

When we delve into that story, we learn a lot about what motivated us to do what we do in our professional lives: the passions, the visions, and the dreams about making a difference in the lives of people. For many, it started as a passion for protecting the rights of people, no matter which side of the fence it came from.

For many, the choice of what field of law to pursue often tied back to a significant event that’s part of our story.

Yet, as the journey carried on, many of you became challenged with the ongoing battle and challenge of litigation.

The toll of such a lifestyle became evident through personal dissatisfaction, lifestyle alterations, and challenged interpersonal relationships.

With the advent of COVID-19, many of us have been literally “pushed” into the virtual mode, experiencing a drop in business with courts closed for extended periods of time, and simply not knowing how to make the shift. As a result, there’s been a HUGE surge to move from Litigation towards Mediation, either as an Advocate in Mediation or as the Mediator (perhaps both).

And, the shift in MINDSET is HUGE too.

Through my work with lawyers and mediators, I learned from professionals just like you that the most difficult was shifting from an ADVOCACY mindset to a position of NEUTRAL.

As advocates, your role is to advise and direct clients on what to do in legal matters. The role of the mediator is to guide both parties through a facilitated dialogue that is often rooted in relationship challenges more so than the legal issues at hand.

The changeover was toughest in shifting the mindset and changing the language. Is this you?

Why choose The Agile Lawyer | Leader?

An agile approach opens up new possibilities. Out of adversity comes opportunity.

The traditional way of doing legal business has shifted rapidly and continues to do so. It’s opened a whole new mindset about how to do business differently and delivering services in unique ways.

Gain the latest on how to market an online mediation and legal practice for the foreseeable future.

Embrace what it means to deliver your services online (the wave of now and into the future) by preparing your clients for the online experience, navigating through the technology (that keeps changing), and understand the nuances of client behavior online so you can promote resolution from the first contact.

Learn to maximize your clients’ experience in reaching resolution by gaining the latest in best practices to up your game and spring forward as an expert in online mediation (as an advocate or a mediator).

The amazing outcome of our COVID-induced work world using virtual platforms is that we’re finding that online services are more efficient, less costly for our clients in tough economic times, resulting in timely resolution issues so our clients can move on with their lives in a time when there have been rampant court closures who struggle to re-open.

How effective is your practice now?

  • Resolution through mediation has traditionally been 80-90% effective. Recent surveys show that this figure may have jumped to nearly 100% with the advent of ODR. With this kind of success rate, who doesn’t want to try E-mediation?


  • Among those participating in mediation, 5% did not use mediation because it had not been offered by their lawyers or employers an option.   37.5% said they lacked information about the benefits of mediation and what it offered for resolution.


  • Research also showed that 'conflict management training' at their workplaces is advocated along with access to 1:1 conflict coaching and third-party facilitated meetings by expert neutrals.

It’s time to debunk the myths that abound about mediation and do a better job of informing the public about the options available in the continuum of dispute resolution options.

Online dispute resolution (ODR) services are here to stay based on surveys of lawyers and mediators and how they've been impacted by COVID-19.   Are YOU ready for some new ways of doing business?

Getting there requires a shift and agility to how we think, how we connect, and how we deliver to our clients. 

This is what I offer to my professional clients like you...how to look at the available ways of doing business and connecting with clients through advanced dispute resolution learning, coaching and training.

Schedule your complimentary consult to discover the array of services available to you as a Dispute Resolution professional!

About Dr. Debra Dupree


Having long been a pioneer in mediation with nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Dupree started applying mediation strategies to workplace disputes in 1994. She expanded this expertise to family disputes in 2002 and has since been recognized as a behavioral science expert in family law matters.

In 1999, she was selected by Dr. Dan Dana, founder of the Mediation Training Institute (MTI), out of a panel of mediator-trainers, to join him as the Director of Training in teaching legal and human resource professionals in the practice of workplace mediation.

She was recognized by the Federal Executive Board (FEB), Los Angeles in 2005 as “Super Mediator of the Year” for her dedication and service to training federal employees in the art of mediation. She returned to school in 2012 to finally complete her doctoral degree in psychology to better understand the neuroscience behind human behavior.

Dr. D was President of ADR-San Diego and is now seeking election to the Southern California Mediation Association.

She brings all of this expertise to YOU through the Agile Lawyer | Mediator experience.

Let's work together!

80% of my clients reported that they reach a resolution in their cases twice as effectively than before working together. If you are a legal advocate or a mediator, let’s work together and shift your Litigation Mindset to a Mediation Mindset to bring efficient dispute solution services to your clients.

You will attract more clients and grow your business by implementing strategies and methodology that will satisfy both parties in dispute resolution.

You will enhance your reputation as a dispute resolution specialist by putting your clients first and learning new mediation techniques.

Now, isn't that worth taking some action towards agile living?

From moments of pain comes the momentum for change.

Dr. Debra Dupree

What our clients say about The Agile Lawyer | Mediator

Gregg Relyea, Esq.

Mediation Offices of Gregg F. Relyea, Esq.

Thank you for your outstanding participation as a speaker (along with your super professional PowerPoint slides) and for your help in preparing the program. It was a clear success in no small part due to your involvement not only as a Presenter but in coordinating the entire ZOOM process for me. I learned so much through your ZOOM expertise.

Sarah J

Mediator (May 2020)

Thank you for sharing this very helpful information and advice for mediators/legal professionals. Zoom is a great tool but can be challenging to feel connected to the participants. These tips for building rapport are valuable. 

Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Founder @ Learn to Mediate Online

Of special importance for attorneys such as myself, Dr. Debra is especially skilled at helping lawyers transition from the role of advocate to neutral with all of the nuances of that shift. Her greatest skill I believe is her ability to humanize the conflict resolution process and to introduce the needed and necessary psychological understanding that any professional needs to properly assist clients in difficult times.

The Agile Lawyer | Mediator Products and Services

ALMI mockup for TAL - new

The Agile Lawyer | Mediator Interview Series

We know there are numerous sources of theoretical information and educational programming destined to help lawyers and mediators develop their skills. What we bring to you is a series of interviews based on factual, concrete experience and expertise from top (and we mean TOP) professionals in the dispute resolution field - the peacemakers and thought leaders of the industry.

This "virtual mentorship" program is designed to give you the freedom to learn from experts without being dependent on their schedules or limited by your own time constraints.

More than that, you gain access to the expertise of not one, but 10+ specialists happy to share their experience with you, to help you shape your future so you avoid the mistakes they made and build upon their successes.

Click on the button below to learn more! 

The Virtual Mediator

You can also book these 2 one-hour sessions to walk away with new skills and mindset for maximizing the online mediation experience.

This is a 1:1 series for dispute resolution professionals who want to polish and adapt the way they show up with clients and collaborators from the comfort of their "virtual office".

Click the button below for more details about this opportunity.

We all have a story. When we delve into that story, we learn a lot about what motivated us to do what we do in our professional lives: the passions, the visions, and the dreams about making a difference in the lives of people.

Let's work together to leverage your story into having an impact on your clients' lives!

The first step is to book a complimentary 15-minutes discussion with me - this is my invitation to explore the opportunities I can offer you. There is no cost attached to this session, so you can book it straight away!

We will customize your journey afterward to meet your needs and support you learn, live and grow your career!

The Agile Lawyer | Mediator is for YOU

If you are truly passionate about protecting the rights of people.

If you feel challenged with the ongoing battle and challenge of litigation

If the toll of such a lifestyle is evident through personal dissatisfaction, lifestyle alterations and challenged interpersonal relationships.

If COVID-19 "pushed" you into the virtual mode, and you're still grappling with making the connection with people online.

If you felt the HUGE surge to move from Litigation towards Mediation, either as an Advocate in Mediation or as the Mediator (perhaps both).

If you feel that the shift is challenging on multiple levels, including the MINDSET.