Chic and Confident Style for Women in the Spotlight – with guest speaker Josee Brisebois

Josée Brisebois (pronounced Jo-zay Breeze-bwa) joins Dr. Debra Dupree to how her work as a personal fashion stylist helps professional women develop a chic and confident style.

Her passion is to help high-achieving women in the spotlight look amazing and skyrocket their confidence with an elegant branded image and stylish looking clothes.

She has been involved in fashion throughout her life, working as a personal stylist for professionals, public speakers, TV personalities, and red carpet events. She studied with one of the first personal stylists in Montreal and has previously worked in the corporate world as a marketing manager. She then worked as an anchor/reporter, TV host, and actress. These experiences have allowed her to have a good grasp of the image women need to project to stand out and differentiate themselves, so people and clients understand who they are right away and are instantly attracted to them.

Josée specializes in working women ready to step into their full potential because she understands who you are, what you need, and can help you to get to that next level in your professional and personal life. Josée’s process supports women in attracting what they want: their ideal clients, jobs, promotions, and speaking engagements with a powerful branded image.
People can energetically read into how you feel and present yourself on the outside, as it is a direct reflection of what is going on in the inside. This is why dressing to FEEL amazing is so important.

Listen in and discover how dressing for success can make such a difference in YOUR success!