Nine Dimensions of Success with David Nielson

Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc, brings to you author, speaker and Fortune 500 consultant, David Nielson.

Nielson is an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring thought leader on a broad spectrum helping others plan for Conscious Success.

His book “The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success: It’s all about You” is a reflection of all that David learned on his life journey.

David and Debra share insights on these seven areas of importance to leaders and entrepreneurs:

· Why is it impossible to succeed without self-awareness?
· Why is life harder for millennials?
· How can you differentiate yourself in the workforce?
· How to build your brand and love your life?
· How to shorten your learning curve to reach success?
· Conscious success—what it is and how to achieve it?
· Are you just doing? Or living your life with purpose?

Visit htpps:// to gain access to his tool for assessing where you are on the dimensions of success.