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"For 75 minutes, she held the entire audience in the palm of her hand and it wasn't at all a mystery. She was entertaining, insightful, and incredibly gifted at communicating. She had basic thoughts and deep thoughts, making us all think about how we handle high conflict mediations and how we communicate with people.

I can't thank Dr. Dupree enough for the fantastic presentation she gave. It made us think as well as feel positive and confident about handling high stress situations."

Making a Difference:
Inspiring Change and Transformation.

Dr. Debra brings a unique blend of psychological expertise, organizational development, and practical knowledge to her engagement with others.  Her passion for empowering others shines through as she shares her secrets for unlocking the power of effective communication.

Known as the MINDSET Doc, she is an acclaimed speaker, coach, and influencer. She has empowered countless individuals and organizations to elevate their influence and impact. Dr. Debra’s engaging and interactive approach makes her a sought-after speaker, leaving audiences inspired and ready to take action.

Her passion and commitment is to support people in challenging conflicts and difficult situations. Her goal is to open the mindset to shift confrontations into conversations for growth and development where people feel heard and valued, while also creating opportunities to heal, repair, and restore important relationships. 

She has influenced and impacted lives worldwide through more than 1000 speaking engagements and training opportunities. Speaking engagements range from Paris, Rome, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, India, Australia and beyond. She was voted among the top ten trainers worldwide through SkillPath Corporate Strategies.  And she accomplished her first spot on the red carpet at TedX Taft Avenue.

Dr. D’s speaking style and stage presence makes for a dynamic and memorable experience for every attendee, ensuring that their minds and attention are fully captured throughout the presentation.  She is energetic, humorous and dynamic.  She ensures that her presentations are not just inspiring but also practical, providing actionable takeaways that empower attendees to implement what they’ve learned and truly make a difference in how they show up as leaders and influencers in their respective walks of life.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk today. You did a fabulous job."

"Thank you! You were amazing! Your visuals were great and you had everything so well organized. Your speech was lively and interesting! It was clear why you're in demand worldwide . It's really important to be able to resolve conflict and you share your passion brilliantly! We were very impressed!"

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Robert Cohen

Attorney, Mediator
Beverly Hills Bar Association – Co-Chair

Ty Bourdony

Primary Mediation Trainer Director
Mediation Center of Central Florida

Changing the Way We Think about Conflict:

"Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity"
~ Dr. Debra Dupree

Dr. D gained firsthand insight into the destructive consequences of unresolved conflict, growing up in a family of nine siblings within a family-owned business. 

The opportunities were rich for generational- and gender-divides, unspoken communication and unresolved differences, unmanaged emotional reactions, that often led to damaged relationships and broken hearts. These early experiences led to astute observational and listening skills, cultivating a passion for understanding the dynamics behind human behavior and making a difference in the lives of others. 

Driven by this profound passion for influencing the human condition in positive directions, she’s dedicated to igniting the fire and sparking the imaginations of leaders and followers in all walks of life in navigating with peace and harmony through challenging confrontations for meaningful conversations and connections.


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