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This podcast series is designed to educate, inform, and raise awareness on how we show up in our communication with others. Here you will find Guest Speakers from well-established businesses, subject matter experts, and successful entrepreneurs, all of whom bring valuable insight on how to find your voice, polish your presence and advance your success! We uncover practical yet compelling topics for making positive changes in how you lead and how you engage at work and at home. You, our listeners, gain new outlooks, shifts in mindset, as well as simple strategies and techniques on how to make a difference.

We host 3 programs each month. Interested in being a Guest Speaker on MINDSET Mondays? Click below for three program options:

  1. Leading Consciously Now (LCN):
    for the Emerging Leader and Advancing Professional.
  2. The Interactive Process (TIP):
    for Employers “Navigating TIPping Points” for their Employees being at work, staying at work, and performing the work.
  3. Families in Trouble (FIT):
    for Families getting through the aftermath of Post-Divorce Parenting.

Making People Whole Again With Mediator Jason Harper

The Female Entreprenuer With CEO Lisa Carman

Navigating The Interactive Process With Gregg Relyea & Dr. D on MINDSET Mondays Podcast

Navigating the Interactive Process: A Defense Attorney’s Perspective

When Life Throws You a Curveball, Dance! with Valerie Sheppard

Step Out, Step Up with Adversity With Mark Green

Wake up to the TRUTH of Who You Are…with Deidre Sirianni

The TOP 1% With Dr. Trevor Blattner & Dr. Debra Dupree

Change The World From The Front Of The Room with Tonya Hofmann

Unions & HR Working Together With Patricia Jimenez, CSEA Chapter

The Overwhelmed Era Of Today’s Working Mother – Dr. Sarah Ray

Corporate Protocol Builds Relationships With Marie Betts – Johnson

Grief And Gratitude Around Letting Go Of Stuff! Sharon McRill

Medical Issues Confronting Today’s Workplace, Dr. Randy Browning

Setting Up For Success, Not Failure – IPMs! With Felicia Amenta

Intuition With Australian Filmmaker & Author Bill Bennett

Get More By Giving Back With Dr. Maureen Orey

Living In A Right Relationship With Shawna Pelton

Servant Leadership With James Carmody





Debra Dupree Star Talk October 2015

Conference For Women – San Francisco April ’15

Secret #2 for developing unbelievable leadership

Impact of Divorce on Children

The process of Divorce, Part 1

The Process of Divorce Mediation, Part 2

Navigating through Divorce using Mediation

Mastering Generational Relationships

Turning a Life of Chaos into a Life of Clarity

IS HR Dead? Rebranding the future of HR with Tiffany David & Dr. Debra Dupree

The Respectful Leader With Gregg Ward & Dr. Debra Dupree

Success Redefined with Larry Kesslin & Dr. Debra Dupree

Choosing Bliss…not Conflict with Moneeka Sawyer & Dr. Debra Dupree

Leaving Your Anxiety In The Dust!

Diamond Formation Leadership

Victims Villains Heros With Don Phin

What do Others Know About You and You Don’t! The Power of DISC

The Mind Dump with Author|Speaker James Wittmack

LEADING WITH POWER 11 – 3-17 With Dr. Janet Sawyer

The Science Of Persuasion For Influence In Mediation

The Gift Of Gratitute With Scott Colby

How to Speak To Sell Strategy With Eric. Szczerbaty

3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Dr. Cynthia Boccara

Becoming A Great Leader With Matt Jenkins

Sensation – Based Mindset With Ani Anderson

Chic and Confident Style for Women in the Spotlight with Josee Brisebois

The Invisible Leader With Dr. Ann Gladys

Developing A Service Mindset With Barney Kramer

Selling Through The Heart With Shirlene Reeves

Influential Networking And Selling With Tony Wilkins

Transformational Leadership Coaching With Janine Elias

Influence Habits For Success & Happiness with Influencer Teresa De Grobois